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See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19

Enthusiasts will immediately embrace the thought "a new year, a new beginning". Especially with children, this has a great appeal: the countdown at midnight, the fireworks and the "happy new year" wishes... Many non-enthusiasts have concerns about this, which are mainly based on experiences that have nevertheless not brought the expected.

Usually the enthusiasm of midnight gradually fades away as the night progresses. The good intentions also water down most of the time as January progresses.
Yet Christianity is the epitome of "believing in a new beginning".

Think of the recurring call in God's Word: "Repent, stop what you are doing, and start again with God.”
The beginning of a new year can be another encouragement to reflect on what conversion means to you. Life with God has much more to offer than what many people experience.
I pray that this new year may be a source of inspiration for you to really make something of it. The basic concept remains the same: life is something you have to do yourself, so that's a choice you make.

For those who really need to make a basic choice (again), I would like to write down this prayer so that you can say it out loud:
Heavenly Father, I surrender my life to You, Jesus I thank You that You died for my sins and that You are the way to the Father, Heavenly Father, I want to follow you, Holy Spirit will you fill me and lead me, I'm making a new start right now.
A blessed New Year! On behalf of the whole team Hugo

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