Netty gives us a short report about attending our healing school:

"From September 2018 to May 2019 I attended the healing school of Gods Ambassade. What I learned there particularly is the authority we received as disciples of Jesus to lay hands on the sick in order to heal them.

I became more and more aware of that authority in Christ. At the end of June 2019, I had the opportunity to pray with someone who suffered from a hernia in his back. I laid my hands on him and spoke healing over his back in the name of Jesus.

Nothing changed during the first days. He took heavy painkillers and was in a wheelchair but in a short time he had less pain and walked with a crutch. The doctor and physiotherapist were amazed by the quick recovery! By the end of July he walked upright and without a crutch and he still had some residual effects. Now he has almost recovered.

It is wonderful to know that together with Jesus we can go out to offer healing to people around us in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Not out of our own strength, because out of our own strength we can't do anything..."


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