This is one of the assignments with which Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out into the cities of Israel. It is still valid for us who are His disciples today. Ela took this up and sent us some of her testimonies (for which we are grateful!):

I have an acquaintance. She was given up. She is 43 and had a cerebral aneurysm. It started bleeding twice. As a result she was paralysed on one side and nearly blind in one eye. No one in Belgium dared to perform surgery.

I prayed for her for a long time. After many months I went back to visit her. When she answered the door, I could hardly believe what I saw:

she was walking perfectly by herself, no walking aid anywhere near! She is a fighter and had worked hard training her body with the help of physiotherapists. She had found a surgeon in Sweden who dared performing the surgery. He even estimated a 90% chance for survival.

Only her right arm was still paralysed. I asked if I could pray for her and proclaimed life to her right arm. After praying I asked if she had felt something. She looked at her arm and said very much amazed: “but that is not possible, my arm is becoming warm and red, it is tingling, I feel life coming back into it!”

Two days later she took the train to Sweden to have the surgery. Flying was not an option as she wouldn’t survive a third hemorrhage.
She is still in Sweden but I heard the surgery went well!”

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