God is with me, I shall not fear

One Sunday in November I chatted with Dora after service. Dora has been coming now and then to our church for several years now. I asked her whether she drove that morning. She confirmed and later mailed following testimony:

“Two years ago I thought I’d never drive or dare drive a car again. Yet now I drive anywhere. You know it is always only at the very last moment that I know if I can have the car. So when I checked Gods Ambassade website where the service would be, I was very disappointed to find out you would meet in Sint-Maartensberg. In the past I have let go of several occasions to come to the service because I didn’t know the way to get there. But this time Lieve wanted so much to come along, she had been there before and of course there’s always the GPS.! I know I just need to trust Jesus for such things. It is, as you taught me, important to keep my eyes on Him, to realize that and to experience His protective presence is so many things. For me, the fact that I did drive there with Lieve is a tremendous victory!”

And Dora told me another of her victories with Jesus:

“Last Thursday, I was waiting on the platform for the train to Ghent. A colleague sent me a message on my mobile. She got up with a sore throat that morning and she apologized she wouldn’t come to the meeting we were to attend together. We had to discuss a wide range of technical remarks on the development of a new application for one of our courses and also a number of agreements needed to be renegotiated with the developer. This wasn’t going to be an easy discussion.

Immediately I panicked, I could never do this on my own. I felt like returning home and canceling the meeting altogether. But this was not an option, the application needed to be operational by early January, a delay was not a good idea.

During the train ride I went through my notes only to get more anxious. Once past Brussels the train was nearly empty. I wondered where on earth this fear came from. What had I learned these past four years? Suddenly the words of a song Inger wrote, flashed through my mind: “The Lord is my Light, my Fortress and my Saviour. Whom shall I fear? I will not fear anymore!” The words resounded louder and louder within me

Back home in the late afternoon while making the report of the meeting, an e-mail came in. It was from the developer, with special thanks for the productive meeting that morning. That felt so good and it confirmed the meeting was indeed very effective.

Thank you Jesus that You are always with me. I will not fear anymore. Thank you, Father, you never let me down!”

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