The Obed Foundation

Obed has been founded by Martie Haaijer. Together with a team of loyal collaborators she has brought the Biblical message of salvation,
healing and liberation trough the love of the Father into the world.

After the departing of Martie, the foundation has been turned over to Hugo Van Leemputten and his team of Gods Embassy. Hugo, just as Martie, has been healed from a terminal cancer and the services of Obed have been fundamental in his process of healing. Afterwards a close collaboration and friendship has been developed. The turnover was considered logical.

Trough conferences, healing services, healing schools, lectures, days of study, days of fasting and the church, Gods Embassy will continue to spread the message of Fathers healing love into the world and the hearts of people. Within these possibilities we want to be there for you.

The long years of working together with doctors, of which 2 of them are a part of Gods Embassy, makes it possible for science to follow what the Father does.

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