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Fasting days: a unique event

From 24 to 26 January we had again a few fasting days, this time in “de Boerekreek” in St.-Jan-in-Eremo (East-Flanders). It was the first time we went to this location and that always gives some extra tension. Will the rooms be ok? Will it be warm enough over there? Last year in the Ardennes it was very cold the first day since the heating was not up in time…
We were warmly welcomed by the staff of “de Boerekreek” and we got the restaurant for our meetings. The rooms were very clean and all rooms had a separate bathroom with a shower and a toilet and it was nicely warm everywhere, which is very nice when fasting a few days.

We enjoyed times of marvelous worship, powerful studies, many moments of silences – In which we could soak or go for a walk in the beautiful nature surrounding the center – and times of prayer for each other, the country, our churches and many other subjects.
As Tamara put it nicely: “We have been fed very well once again!”

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Praying very specifically in authority sometimes makes a huge difference

We let Lutgart explain things herself:
“The house of my son have been for sale quite a while, since august 2016. According to the real estate agent it would be an easy job!

From the very moment the house was for sale, I have been putting on a monthly basis a note in the prayer box asking my heavenly Father for a smooth sale, the right price and the right candidates.

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