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When you walk with Jesus, all ends well!

During the Christmas holidays Monia could join Kobe, a friend of hers and his family to Munich. On new Year's Eve they all together left for a walk in the mountains. It was around 16:00 and it would be getting dark soon. Kobe's father showed a mountain hut on the other side of a mountain and said that Kobe and Monia might walk over there, while the others would driving to the cabin by car. So Kobe and Monia went off ... but what they did not know was that they had both looked at the wrong house, that was on the top of the mountain in front of them.

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Divine protection on the road

Ann and Nadine barely escaped a very big truck with a trailer the same size. One Friday evening they took the shortcut to Hugo en Inger’s place. It is a single lane road on which you are allowed to drive two-ways. It has steep road bankings. Ann and Nadine had just left when they faced with this big truck that came thunderous their way. The driver stepped on his pedal and began to slip.

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