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Jasmijn relates:
"It is Monday morning. The schedule for the forenoon looks as follows: after breakfast to the market and after that still to the store too.
While I prepare myself, I pray to God. I ask Him to open my eyes for His goodness and for the small 'miracles' He is doing for us day after day.
09:30h. Finally we are standing at the front door, ready to leave. Given my tight schedule, I put up some speed. I am already on my way from the front door to the car, when suddenly Bram says he still wants to take a toy with him. I open the front door to about one full meter, and I go already on to the car. When I am fixing Jonas in the car, Bram comes running to me already and he comes and sits in the car too. I fasten him and we leave. First to market, then to the store. About a full one and a half hour later, we arrive back home. I loosen the boys and I walk to the front door... and it is still almost completely open!!! It takes a while before I realise that I had forgotten to close it.
Immediately I went to look around inside, but everything was just as we had left it. Nothing was missing, not even any keys! I am sure, our house has been protected by God Himself that morning! "

Tiny lipoma dissapears ...

On Saturday the 14th of April, Sandy looked at herself in the glass, and all of a sudden she noticed that she had been cured! For more than a year she had had a white globule under her eye.

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