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Unexpectedly a new job

Jan lost his job May 2016 by mutual agreement with his boss. He could not handle his job in construction anymore due to severe back problems.

In July 2017 the hernia has gotten so worse that certain nerves in his right leg were not functioning anymore as they should. Jan was urgently operated on his back. Rehabilitation went by reasonably smooth.

In the fall of 2017 Jan and Ann attended our weekly church meeting. Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp spoke that morning on the spiritual authority of a man.

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Healing school is still highly recommended

Ans and Albert from the Netherlands attended our latest healing school in Belgium.
They sent us an e-mail explaining how they experienced the school:

“We delighted in coming to the Healing School. It built up our faith, not only in the area of healing, but it also deepened our relation with Father. Especially the first session brought us in such an atmosphere of love and acceptance; we were still enjoying it over the days after.

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