Vision and position


'Gods Ambassade' means God's Embassy and is a Church based on the Bible. In St. John's Gospel 10:10 Jesus says: "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full!!" Too long we have been taught that we can serve God, but that we are not to rely on Him to improve our quality of life. Gods Ambassade does not support this vision and chooses to return to the biblical promise.


The biblical promises aren't idle. In our Church we have witnessed many people being healed by God, physically as well as mentally. These testimonies of healing are being checked by physicians, members of our Church.


In our services you are invited to learn to know God as He reveals Himself in the Bible and as He manifests Himself through the Holy Spirit. You meet a God who wants to be a loving father for His children, a father who likes them and takes care of them; no God for Sundays only, but for every day of the week. A God who has sent His son, Jesus, to earth to save, to cure and to set free.


Gods Ambassade is an independent Church whose origins are to be found in het worldwide movement which started in the sixteenth century and is known as Protestantism. From this Protestant movement the Evangelic Churches have arisen in later years. This Protestant movement was a reaction against the deviation of the Church from its original course.


Just as there are different tendencies within the Catholic Church, for instance the Franciscans, the Carmelites, the Charismatic movement and so on, there are Baptists, Methodists, independents, Pentecostal Churches and so on within the Evangelical church. Each of these churches has biblical foundations, but they put more emphasis on one or the other aspect of spirituality or scriptural knowledge. Gods Ambassade comes under the Arpee (the Administrative Council for the protestant-evangelical cult) and belongs to the wing of the federal synod, more specifically to the Consultative Body of Autonomous Evangelical Churches.


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