The children's club

During the sermon of the Sunday service we have a program for children from 4 to 12 years.
In the children’s club we want to help the children to get to know Jesus better, to learn to trust so they can build a personal relationship with Him and receive His life and abundance and pass it on.

Impressions received through the Bible stories, songs, simple conversation will find application in daily life.
This is elaborated in a creative manner (plays, games, kids crafts, dance…) and further developed in the consecutive gatherings of the children’s club.
So they receive an overall picture of the loving Heavenly Daddy who loves them, leads them, walks with them and teaches them how to share the life and abundance they receive.

The Children’s club is an idea of Jesus to help the children to get to know Him better…. and every Sunday we have a super great gathering where the children enjoy, playful interaction.

Children’s club co-workers
Vanessa, Liesbeth, Pascale, Bart, Geert, Carine en Ilse

Children’s club responsables


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