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Obed Foundation

The OBED foundation  was founded by Martie Haaijer. Together with a team of loyal co-workers she spread the message of salvation, health  and deliverance through Father’s love in the world.  

After the departing of Martie, the board asked Hugo Van Leemputten  and the team of God's Embassy to continue Martie’s task.  Just as Martie, Hugo was healed from a terminal cancer.  Obed was most important during Hugo’s healing process, which after his healing, resulted in a profound friendship and  collaboration. 

Passing on the torch to Hugo was a logical step. God's Embassy church brings the message of Father’s healing love in the world, but most of all in the hearts of people, through conferences, healing services, healing school, teachings, workshops, fasting days. Within our possibilities we want to be there for you. Having been working together with medical doctors –two are part of God's Embassy team- for decades, provides a window for science to observe what Father does.




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