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Faith Watchers

Do you carry a lot of weight in your life?
Is everything so exhausting, heavy and stressful?
Do you want one size less?
Then you've come to the right place at Faith Watchers!
It is a fact that many people in the West suffer from obesity.
A lot is being done to sensitize people to a solution.
The 'spiritual overweight', which often causes all other problems, is regularly overlooked.

The operation of Faith Watchers is very simple:

Step 1: you decide to give God the most important place in your life

Step 2: you surrender everything to Him (so you let go of everything)

Step 3: You follow Him unconditionally

Step 4: You sit together with brothers and sisters

Step 5: you pass on the good news you have received to others.

Faith Watchers, the surprising system to get rid of obesity.

Many blessings!


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