Healing school is still highly recommended

Ans and Albert from the Netherlands attended our latest healing school in Belgium.
They sent us an e-mail explaining how they experienced the school:

“We delighted in coming to the Healing School. It built up our faith, not only in the area of healing, but it also deepened our relation with Father. Especially the first session brought us in such an atmosphere of love and acceptance; we were still enjoying it over the days after.

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Miraculous recouvery of a severe stroke (ceberal thrombosis)

On Saturday night 15th February 2015 Marnik, Suzy’s 21 year old son, had a strong headache. He had gone out that night and had a few drinks, so Suzy thought that was probably the reason.  On Sunday morning she noticed Marnik wasn’t well at all. The doctor on call came at once and he immediately called for 911 and the medical emergency team.  Marnik’s left arm and leg were paralyzed, his mouth was slightly crooked but he still could talk.  There had been a lack of blood supply in a large part of his brain, the 24 first hours would be critical. If the pressure in his brain would increase too much, surgery would be necessary. Suzy told her sister Linda. She had talked with Hugo right away before service on Sunday morning. The congregation prayed for Marnik.  The pressure in his brains remained within the limits and surgery wasn’t necessary….thank You, Jesus!

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