First restoration conference in Belgium is a breakthrough, may 2006!


…..hit the mark!


To our experience this is really a spiritually breakthrough for our country. God has bestowed profound healing –both physical and inner healing- on many people who came to the conference from a variety of convictions and directions. During this first restoration conference in Belgium on 25th and 26th March, ‘’we hit the mark’’ says Hugo van Leemputten, pastor and restoration-partner. Gerard de Groot, Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp and Hugo lead the participants (about 150 of them) in Bible teaching, in practice of deliverance, healing en filling with the Holy Ghost.

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15 years doom and gloom dissipated like morning mist and the sun broke through

Anne, who came to see us at wits end, sent the following testimony:

“After my children were born, I noticed my state of mind worsened year after year. Now I know I had postnatal depressions after each childbirth, but at the time I had never heard about it.

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