Raised from the dead... heard at first hand from the cardiologist!

In the gospel Jesus not only gives us the order to heal the sick but also to raise the dead... Many don't believe in healing sick people by prayer, let alone in raising dead ones. And yet it also still happens today!

On May the15th and 16th, we as a team were present at a conference of Christian doctors in Norway, at the invitation of WCDN: World Christian Doctors Network. This organization aims to bring Christian doctors together, in order to discuss cases of divine healing. With these scientific cases they want to show to the medical world in black and white that miracles are still happening. One of the doctors present was Dr. Chauncey Crandall, a cardiologist from Miami, Florida. He uses to pray with every patient consulting him... speaking of a blessed consultation...Last year he experienced something very special.
A man in his early 50's did not feel well on a certain Friday evening, and he drove to the hospital where Dr. Crandall works by himself. When he arrived there, he collapsed at the counter: a massive myocardial infarction with cardiac arrest. He was immediately resuscitated. During 40 minutes an utmost professional team tried to get him going again... but it was all in vain. In the end they send for Dr. Crandall and he could only state the death. The man was already all blue. Everybody left the intervention room. Only one trained nurse remained behind to prepare the man for the mortuary. When doctor Crandall wanted to leave the room, he heard the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit saying to him he should go back and pray for this man. He hesitated for a moment but he went back anyway. Standing near to the corpse, he said he did not know what to pray. Then he heard himself say: "Father, if this man is not saved, will You please bring him back."

Thereupon Dr. Crandall gave the order to defibrillate one more time. At first there were protests. At the insistence of Dr. Crandall it was done all the same. The man immediately got a normal heart rhythm (which in the case of a heavy infarction really never occurs!), he started breathing and got back his normal colour. He was laid on the intensive care ward and on Monday morning Dr. Crandall went to see him. He asked him where he was after his dying. The man told him that he was in a black room where no one could come near him and that later he was wrapped in cloths and thrown away into the trash. Dr. Crandall told him about Jesus and immediately the man gave his heart to Jesus.

The news was widely broadcasted on American TV. The particular detail to this story is that the path Dr. Crandall went was not always strewn with roses either. In 2000 his 11 years old son got leukaemia. For a couple of years he prayed for his healing and the boy obviously became better, until he developed a sarcoma (a very malicious tumour) and passed away. At his death-bed, Dr. Crandall decided to hold on to the word of God all the same, and to keep on praying for healing. He also prayed during two hours for the resuscitation of his son, but nothing happened. Despite this great personal loss he kept on praying for his patients and now he can see a lot of healing taking place and even one raising from the dead! P.S. In Lakeland, Florida, where at the moment one can speak of a real "awakening" with a great many signs and wonders, already 9 people have been raised from the dead during the last months! This we heard from friends in Pasadena, who heard Todd Bentley testify themselves.
One of them is a 3 year old girl! She died in the hospital on a Monday at 9 o'clock in the evening. Her parents gave the permission for an organ transplantation, but it was postponed till Wednesday morning. When a nurse prepared her in order to take away the organs, she suddenly started coughing and sneezing... she was raised from the dead and completely healed without anyone standing close to her to pray. Children at school had been praying for her!


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