We let Lutgart explain things herself:
“The house of my son have been for sale quite a while, since august 2016. According to the real estate agent it would be an easy job!

From the very moment the house was for sale, I have been putting on a monthly basis a note in the prayer box asking my heavenly Father for a smooth sale, the right price and the right candidates.

This situation went on without a quick result, but persistence wins, so I faithfully kept on putting notes in the praying box trusting that it would turn out for the good.

The sale was long in coming, real estate agent succeeded each other, after their contracts expired. The last weekend of January this year, so eighteen months later, the first real estate agent took over. He immediately had 18 potential buyers at his doorstep, but only two of those said to have some interest in buying the house after visiting it.

So, it was time for me to write my note again, but his time I got a hunch and a boldness. I wrote on the note: “the right offer, this week!”

I put this prayer on Tuesday, January 30 in the box and Friday, February 2 the right offer came in and only 30 minutes later the deal was closed! Thank You Daddy!”

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