From 24 to 26 January we had again a few fasting days, this time in “de Boerekreek” in St.-Jan-in-Eremo (East-Flanders). It was the first time we went to this location and that always gives some extra tension. Will the rooms be ok? Will it be warm enough over there? Last year in the Ardennes it was very cold the first day since the heating was not up in time…
We were warmly welcomed by the staff of “de Boerekreek” and we got the restaurant for our meetings. The rooms were very clean and all rooms had a separate bathroom with a shower and a toilet and it was nicely warm everywhere, which is very nice when fasting a few days.

We enjoyed times of marvelous worship, powerful studies, many moments of silences – In which we could soak or go for a walk in the beautiful nature surrounding the center – and times of prayer for each other, the country, our churches and many other subjects.
As Tamara put it nicely: “We have been fed very well once again!”

An interesting fact is that the area of the country we were has remarkably less churches. Ignace, who happens to live in that area, told us that is very special to him that we came to that specific area and he told us something about its history… And we all powerfully prayed for breakthrough in that area and other places in Belgium. Many people have a vivid conviction that God has not forgotten our country, and that we are facing times of great revival… So we also prayed this over our country.

Father loves us very much and he longs for us to – just like in every love relationship – set time apart for Him and to enjoy his presence and his words that give us life. Harry told us that he wanted to read a bit in a good Christian book after a teaching on living in relationship with God. Father prompted him to put aside the book and to start a conversation with Him… which he immediately did!

What follows is a testimony of Dora, who went on a fast for the very first time:

“At the start I had some doubts concerning fasting itself, but I was generally happy that I was able to attend and I was full of expectation to hear what God was about to say the following days. Am I just coincidently present or maybe He is asking me something and would I be able to figure out what it is? Would I dare to take time to ask the Lord what the state of my heart is?

The act of fasting itself was distracting my thoughts at first. I had peace, but I was also afraid for the physical consequences of not eating and the effect it would have on my emotions. I soon found out that the inconveniences were little apart from a light headache due to the missing coffee I usually drink. An insatiable appetite did not come, I did not suffer a single moment. The provision of a diversity of biscuits I took with me remained untouched.

Instead my appetite was satisfied with marvelous worship, explanations of the Word, powerful intercession and prayer, times of silence or soaking, a walk and there was so much more to feed myself again and again with fresh thoughts and impressions. Time passed by easily. Where at first long moments of silence in between seemed to be a huge challenge, they turned out to be very helpful in bringing the twists of my mind to rest. I also enjoyed the moments I spent together with my roommate, I will especially remember her prayer before going to bed.

What I take with me from this time of fasting, is the image Hugo gave of our God. He is happy to be the Good Shepherd of his sheep, His children that know their identity. It is an image that I can easily summon when seeing my son before my eyes who is herding sheep in the meadow at the back of his garden in his free time. It is great to see – being his mother – how lovely and carefully he deals with his sheep, how the sheep know him, but also how they brought the family closer together. It is one of the first things we do when we go there: looking at the sheep together. The instant realization and insight that this comes from God, gives me deep joy, peace, hope and great thankfulness. It makes me becoming the child that can throw herself into the arms of hear heavenly Father.

Looking back now at the fasting days, I am especially thankful that I dared to take this new step.”

In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him. Proverbs 21:1


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