In consequence of a heavy accident, Ludwina's back is already troubling her for years now and again. She has to move regularly for it, she has to swim and to make exercises. Some ten years ago a doctor told her she had one vertebra, similar to that of a woman of 80 years. At the end of 2006 she went back to a doctor because she needed a prescription for the physiotherapist. He was of the opinion that she had not shown up for a very long time indeed.

He examined her and he wanted to loosen something here and there. Suddenly he stopped and he said he wouldn't go on because he didn't want to break Ludwina's ribs. Ludwina was very shocked by this saying... "So - are things that bad with me?" she wondered. A week later she was walking in the Tiensestraat with a bag of laundry in her hand. She was rather in a hurry, and all of a sudden one stone emerged a little higher out of the pathway. Ludwina went down to the ground with a terrible crash: first on her knee, then the left shoulder, the chin... it just kept going on and on, as if she were a bumping ball! People around her stood still and helped her to her feet again. Wonder of wonders, nothing was broken, despite the terrible fall... When she fell down, she felt a little card under her hand. It had fallen out of the laundry bag. She picked it up while trembling and the following text was written on it: "the eternal God is your refuge, and under you His everlasting arms...". She read it to a lady that had stopped and she thought it so very special! When Ludwina asked her if she wanted the little card, she accepted it with great pleasure. Since that fall, Ludwina's fear of fractures disappeared. Thank You, Father, for Your everlasting arms under her!

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