Liesbeth tells her story:

“Having read the book “How to live like a King’s kid” Pascale and I decided to devote more time to prayer. This is also the way we wanted to live: with signs and wonders following, with the Holy Spirit revealing us solutions, prayer topics…. With lots of courage, enthusiasm and expectation we started end of June 2014 to pray together every day.

We could never have imagined the results it would bring and we certainly don’t want to go back to the time before we were praying together!
It’s been a great experience so far and most highly recommendable. We’re happy to share some answered prayers, changes but spiritual warfare as well. 

We’ll start with the warfare. I think this is an important place to start. When we began praying, we realized this was not something fitting Satan’s plan and we might expect an attack of some kind. We never expected it to occur so rapidly. After about 3 weeks ofprayer, the attack began. Jinto, my dog, became very ill from one day to the next. We could stretch his life a little longer. This was not what I wanted, the dog was in such great pain. Supported by the church team, my parents, Pascale and Robin we chose to put it to sleep. Prayer had already pulled him through 3 times and he could have lived 5 more years, but now it was time to say goodbye.
A week later circumstances shattered us. I was angry, not to say furious, Pascale was just miserable. We decided to get together but we were not going to pray. Father had another plan though. I can still see us sitting there: Pascale was defeated and I was angrily voicing my thoughts to Father, standing up for both Pascale and myself. Suddenly, in the midst of my argumentation, my thoughts changed and I told Pascale: “No, we’re not going to throw in the towel. We are going to pray otherwise we submit to the Devil.” Looking back now, we believe this was a huge breakthrough in our life. Father told us immediately we would be receiving more than before. And how He worked it out. A couple of days later we were going out for dinner. First there was no table free, a moment later there was a table available but only till a certain hour. But we stayed on much longer. And there is more. We had some desert. Pascale thought 3 scoops of ice cream is too much, so she asked 2 but she received 4 for the price of 2! To us, this was Gods doing. We knew we were going to receive more that what we asked for. And this has been going on for more than a year.
We then decided to praise, pray and worship at all times.

And now I’ll share some wonders, answered prayers, change……
We have prayed for conversions, so far we received two. Kristina, one of my colleagues, gave her life to Jesus during one of our women’s breakfasts. Michèle, a friend of Pascale, gave her life to Jesus as well soon after we started praying. And we believe more will follow!

Last year Justien and Victor, Pascale’s children, were looking forward to go to Equiblues in France. The plans were made, when their driver broke his toe. Disappointment, feeling sad,… so we prayed for a quick recovery. Now what do you think? They could leave as scheduled. This year again it looked like participating in Equiblues wasn’t going to work out. So we prayed again, Pascale and I together with Justien. And again Father brought a solution. It not only builds up our faith, but also our children’s. God is working so wonderfully.

Talking about the children, Justien, who just turned 18, wanted to get her driver license ; this was a prayer item, another one was passing her exams. Again God heard our prayers. Justien and Victor both had great results at school. Justien passed the drivers test at the first try out.

We’ve become aware people around us often share their problems because they know we pray.
A woman who came to the doctors’ at the clinic where Pasale is working, confided her problems to Pascale. The fact that she is unemployed is one of the major causes of her other problems. Pascale and I always enjoy a little chat before we start praying and it often leads to new prayer items, so it happened with this also. A few months ago the husband of this lady dropped by Pascale’s work and thanked her. His wife had a job and was feeling much better. Isn’t it wonderful that God lets you know prayer really works.

Another testimony: one of the doctors has a tumor. She told Pascale about it and Pascale told her she was praying about it. At the last check up, she heard surprising news: the tumor stopped growing. Just wait and see till Father is done with it!

We also have prayed and still are to get more energy supplies for less money. So we’ve been praying about diesel oil and gasoline for nearly a year now. As you all know the price of both diesel oil and gasoline have gone down considerably. Now we’re praying for the electricity!

We have seen quite some breakthrough and change in our own lives as well. Our trust in God has grown tremendously. We pray and praise at all times. We don’t worry as quickly as we used to. We’ve grown in our relationship with Father God and with one another. Things we never would have done together two years ago, we are doing now. We trust each other, we build up and encourage each other and have lots of fun together. Now when a problem arises we say: “Hallelujah, praise the Lord! We’ll once more witness how Father is going to solve this.” Circumstances look different at once. It is so liberating, so wonderful to experience this freedom more and more!

We often sing together and pray in tongues.
Our lives have changed so much. Our hart is focused on Jesus. We are looking forward to all the things Father will be doing and pray that He will reveal His plan for our life and that we may walk in it.

It is just wonderful to be living in this freedom. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…and all these things shall be added unto you.” And what wonderful presents, better than we could have imagined: living in peace, joy, love,…
We are continuing to pray. We set out to pray for one year, we could manage that. Right now we don’t pray every single day together but certainly 3 to 4 times a week. We note our prayer points and agree that if we cannot pray together, we each will pray separately in tongues that day. Sometimes we call each other, read the items, bring them to God’s throne and pray in tongues each in his own place.

We can’t do without anymore and keep at it, preferably for the rest of our life.
The biggest change we see at this moment is within ourselves: up to more of God’s Spirit!



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