We’ll let Lutgart speak:

For years I suffered from several kinds of headaches:
migraine, neck pain that resulted in severe headaches and chronic sinusitis.

The first migraine attack started about 35 years ago right after the birth of my daughter. From that moment on these attacks were frequent: usually once a week. Such an attack lasted for 3 days and then sometimes started again the next day.

During those attacks I had terrible headaches, pain medication didn't help, I couldn't tolerate any light or sound and I had to vomit...very unpleasant!
This had been going on for many years, doctors didn't know what to do...

In 2006 I came into contact with Gods Ambassade for the first time. There I was taught not only about physical healing but about inner healing as well.
I had been a christian for a long time and I believed that God could heal... but would He do it for me as well?
And what about the aspect of inner healing...I struggled tremendously with my inner pain but I was used to sweeping everything under the carpet and pretending that there was nothing going on at all and so I kept carrying on....

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor. 5:17). Although I knew this scripture, I didn't understand it and I didn't know that it was important to go to the Father with my inner pain and let it be healed by Him and let Him comfort me...
I had never heard or thought about that before, and it took a long time before I was ready to face it.

Meanwhile people regularly prayed for me and I attended several Fatherheartschools where I got to know God as a Father better and better.
I didn't experience instant healing, it has been a slow healing process of about two years but in the meantime I'm completely free of migraines!

But I still suffered from headaches caused by neck pain.
Usually the pain in my neck came up at night, resulting in severe headaches. This was clearly not a migraine but it also lasted for three days.
Then I had to sit upright in bed or the pain would only get worse...
This was very annoying, especially when you are sick on top of the pain you already have ... because then you only want to lie down.

This happened a few years ago when for the first time I took part in fasting days organized by our church. I became ill shortly after my arrival.
I had an inflammation of the sinus with a fever. I sat upright in my bed for two nights because I couldn’t lie down due to severe pain in my neck and head.

I went home earlier because I was so ill that I couldn’t even drink tea anymore…. Not a pleasant experience at all. Besides, headache and an empty stomach don't go together very well…
My decision was clear: I wouldn't take part in fasting days anymore. This was really nothing for me at all !

At the end of last year there was an announcement in church about the fasting days of 2019 and I had a silent conviction in my heart to take part again…
Although my previous bad experience was still a big hindrance to me I signed up. But this time with a lot of fear in my heart.
I needed time to prepare for it and I struggled a long time... until I suddenly realized that I had never suffered from sinusitis ever since… I had never thought about that before!
So I got courage to go but I wasn’t keen on it.

During the first night of this fasting days I suffered from neck pain and a headache…
I was able to participate the teaching and during the healing service in the evening people prayed for me. Afterwards I went to bed.
The next morning I still had this pain in my neck and a headache but at least it hadn’t got worse.

In the afternoon people could give a testimony so I testified about my experience during the previous fasting days. In the first place about the fact that I hadn’t had sinusitis anymore.
After my testimony Hugo asked me if I was still in pain and he prayed for me again. A few hours later I was completely free of pain !
It used to take three days, now it only took one day and a half…
Together with everyone else I was able to end this fasting days with a meal of bread, but above all with a heart full of gratitude for my heavenly Father… and I have an extra testimony now. I haven’t had any neck pain or headache ever since !





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