We received this mail from Dora after the church community day and the evening meeting on psychosomatics:

“God is showing me so many things at once, it seems I can hardly assimilate it all.  I enjoyed being there last Sunday. Church is the only hope for a world in distress, we pray and sing about it so often: the 21st anniversary of Gods Ambassade is indeed a wonderful example! 

Thank You Jesus for giving me the opportunity to come to this church!

Last night’s teaching (about psychosomatics) makes me pensive. Just in my family alone I recognize so many of the syndromes you talked about, with the people around me but also within myself…

Yesterday you mentioned a rash as typical example. Ann, do you remember all the trouble I had with skin rash when I first came to see you? At a certain moment I was even admitted at E.R. with a rash.  I had always used Nivea cream, and suddenly I was allergic to it! I had to switch to a much more expensive product by Widmer (3x as expensive). Last Saturday when my husband and I were shopping, I mentioned it had been quite some time since I had a rash. So he suggested to give the Nivea cream another try. You can already guess: I’m using the Nivea facial cream again without any problem whatsoever!

I was just reminded of it last night while driving home feeling a bit despondent. Rash was just one of the problems I put, hopefully believing, in the ‘prayer’ box standing at the front in church. That big black box in which we can trust so many of our worries to Jesus.  It stands next to the white ‘sow box’, through that one too, I have found results and solutions time and again. Just like in this example, not just physically, financially too!!  Thank You, Father!”

Dora reminded us also of another miracle that happened shortly after her conversion… we like to share it as well:

“I didn’t attend the church at the time.  You remember, I had breast cancer, I was very scared and tired (of life and very depressed) and I really didn’t want to go through the proposed treatment (chemo, radiation, some extra boosts on the armpit and 5 years hormone therapy). And so I came to see you.

My husband asked ‘ Gasthuisberg’ (=university hospital in Leuven) for my medical records in order to share them with the UZ VUB in Jette ( university hospital in Jette, Brussels ) to get  a second opinion.  They showed us that the records of Gasthuisberg referred to the possibility of an additional examination to determine the growth rate of the removed tumor (with metastases in the armpit). Because two years prior I had told I felt a swelling, there was a possibility this was a slow growing tumor. In that case VUB could eventually consider another treatment without chemo. Because of the high cost of this examination, Gasthuisberg usually opted for a full treatment (at least in those days).  The oncologist of VUB knew the specialist of Gasthuisberg personally and asked that Gasthuisberg would perform this examination nevertheless. This all would take place in the week before my second visit with you.

If I remember correctly, I had an appointment with you on Thursday afternoon (it could have been Friday) and the procedure to implant a port-a-cath was already scheduled for the following Monday.  I had read the New Testament you gave during my first visit and I was longing to give my life to Jesus.  You first asked about the results of the test I told you about during our first appointment. There were no results yet because the tests on the biopsy failed each time.  You said it didn’t surprise you because God sometimes has different ways and is waiting for us. I remember I didn’t have a clue to what you were saying, but when later I came home filled with Jesus, the hospital had called my husband.  The test was finally successful and indicated a very low score, far below the reference value.  The oncologist of Gasthuisberg reassured me chemo was not necessary after all. To me, JESUS healed my breast cancer the moment I gave my life to Him, I have never doubted that for one moment.  Yes, I really was in Heaven then!”

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