Divine protection despite fall

On Wednesday October 8 Maria went for a walk along the river Nete, as she often does. That morning she was alone. Theo, her husband, had gone to a funeral. Before leaving, he still exhorted her to be careful. She promised so. During the walk, Maria suddenly lost her foothold and she fell down on her back and her head.

Immediately her thoughts went to her left leg. Maria has a very fragile left leg, due to heavy inflammations and fractures of the bone in the past. A fracture of this leg could be catastrophic. Very quickly she knew her leg was in order, but her left wrist was aching very much and it was swelling quickly. Due to a paralytic stroke 8 years ago, Maria still has partial paralytic symptoms in her left arm and hand, so that she can only use these in a limited measure. Thus her left arm is "the good one", and just this one was hurting now a lot.
When Maria falls, she is never able to stand up again on her own. Theo always has to help her. Nevertheless, that morning, despite the pain and the swelling in her left wrist, she managed to stand up on her own... Maria is convinced that angels helped her, otherwise it would not have been possible... Maria immediately got very angry at the devil, and she asked God's help to get home safely. She walked back to the car and prayed she would get home without any red lights. Despite the fact that she could barely use her good arm, she managed to get home safely and without any red lights. Once she got home, she called Inger, who immediately prayed for her. Next she called the general practitioner.
In the meantime, Theo had joined in going forward in the church, during the offertory part. When he returned, his seat was taken. His only choice was to leave the church, and go home early... this had never happened before! Once home, he understood why...
The general practitioner immediately saw that her wrist was broken, and he presumed that it would come to an operation. He informed when Maria had eaten for the last time. Wrist fractures at Maria's age often are complex fractures, which can only be treated by an operation; they can cause trouble for months. Maria and Theo drove to the hospital in Bonheiden. There X-ray's of the broken wrist were taken. The whole time Maria kept on feeling very quiet and supported. The doctor came with wonderful good news: the wrist was broken indeed, but it was a simple fracture, which had not shifted. The wrist was dressed in a small plaster for a fortnight, and Maria was allowed to go back home... Maria and Theo believe God has protected her in many ways, and that He will also make this work for the good. Since she is bodily limited, Maria intends to pray a lot more during these 14 days... the devil is regretting his action for a long time already...


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