On a Friday afternoon Lana, who had just become three, was at the house of her grandma and grandpa, Danny and Hugo. Danny had just gone upstairs to do something still to do on the computer. Lana had followed Danny. Danny turned the computer off and promised her granddaughter they would go downstairs and do puzzles together. Lana was very enthusiastic about this. She was standing on top of the stairs and Danny was following her.

When she reached the third stair, she lost her foothold. She went forward as if she were a board, landed on her face, somersaulted once more and landed on her little head again. At the foot of the stairs she landed on her belly. Danny was completely helpless! It was as if her heart stopped beating for a moment and she could only think about one thing: Lana had to stand up by now and to start crying! Luckily she did so. Danny lifted the child, walked to the couch, called Hugo for an ice compress and prayed a short prayer, while she was still trembling. Immediately two big swellings emerged on Lana's head. Danny called her family doctor, but he was on his way and he made an appointment to see them at 16.00 o'clock at his place. Then Danny called the team and she prayed shortly with Ann on the phone. Shortly after this Lana became more quiet and Danny managed to distract her a little bit with a booklet. They left for the doctor's place, and when they arrived there the swellings had already almost gone. The doctor thoroughly examined Lana and could - thank You, Jesus! - find nothing at all... When her daddy came to take her on Saturday at her grandma's and grandpa's place, Lana told that it had been a lot of fun at grandma's and grandpa's home!


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