Jasmijn sent a nice testimony from the youth group.  Hadewych gave permission to publish it.

Jasmijn explains:

“Later on they told stories about the persecution they experience because of their faith, especially during religion class. Nearly all of them explained how hard it was to express their personal opinion on a test. If they really do it, they often loose points because the teacher has a different opinion.


Hadewych had a beautiful testimony.

On one exam the teacher asked the pupils to give their opinion on a subject. Hadewyck gave it, but received no points for it. She went to see the teacher to ask why she received no points. To her astonishment the teacher started a discussion telling Hadewych why her opinion was wrong.  Hadewych had enough of it. She told us: “I emptied my head and asked God what to do next”.  She doesn’t recall what all she said, but in the end the teacher was no longer angry and even agreed! So Hadewych got all her points!”

It’s great to hear how our teens are walking with the Lord!”




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