And this is the testimony of Pun after the Fatherheartschool A in October 2017:

“I learned about the Fatherheartschools five years ago trough a Belgian friend in my church. At that moment I was not very motivated to attend the school. Last year I was depressed and my Belgian friend reminded me once again of the school. So I went to the school in complete desperation…

The one thing that touched me most in the school, were the teachings on forgiveness on the third day. I was abused by my mother, physically, verbally and sexually, for almost twenty years. Over and over again I wanted to end my life.

I took a lot of time to recover and to forgive. The third day of the school Unni spoke on forgiveness based on the scripture in Matthew 18. I have been hearing this story over and over again and I am familiar with it. But Unni used a new expression to synthesize the story: “Forgiveness is cancelling the debt.”

In the afternoon she asked us to re-open our hearts to our mothers and fathers. This was a very difficult exercise for me… Up to that day I had no conception of “sonship” whatsoever and I was living all my life as an orphan… even though I had been born again for over twenty years. So I tried really hard to open up my heart again. First it looked like “mission impossible” to me, but gradually the Holy Spirit began a work in my heart. I started to see the pain of my mother and I was able to look at here more mercifully. This way my image of her changed, which led to a positive chain reaction: the way I looked to my past changed as well as my interpretation of my past, and so did the way I looked to myself!

Till that moment I did not really understood Father’s unconditional and never failing love for my life. I told my friends often times that “I am one of the most traumatized people that you have ever seen in your life.” But after this Fatherheartschool I see myself completely different. Now I am saying to my friends: “I am one of the most loved children by God you have ever seen in your life.

Being back in Berlin, my life is changing gradually more. I am less focused on success and performance and I am more aware of Father’s love and presence.
I start each day with the mindset that I am a son, and that is something completely new! I am also thankful for all the brothers and sisters I met during the Fatherheartschool and for their encouragement. All glory to God!


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