Testimony Lutgart – Fatherheart School 2019

Also this year I went to the Fatherheart School. I usually don't sense that much at the time being, but I know from experience that it has its effect anyway, albeit with a delay, but no less so.

Meanwhile I can really enjoy what I see happening to others when they have a deep encounter with the Father's love.

During the last session people can give their testimonies.

One of the attendees told us that they had been pioneering in Belgium for so many years but that this was THE "missing link". That reminded me again of how privileged we are in our church. Father's love is intertwined and runs like a common thread through every teaching that we enjoy in our church, in every conversation, in every greeting.

As usual we threw a party after we listened to the testimonies. At lunchtime I had just heard the story of a couple that had suffered a serious loss some time ago. This had also put pressure on their relationship. During the last song, "Freedom", they danced together. You could clearly see Father's love on them as well as their love for each other. It was like they were dancing at their wedding party...

And that is probably the most beautiful thing I've seen this week... Father's love that deeply heals people and sets them free. Lutgart

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