Experiencing Father’s love: looking back on a wonderful Fatherheartschool

Over the fall vacation of 2006 we had for the second time a Fatherheartschool in Torhout. This year also the school was booked full months in advance. We were a group of 84 participants. Dutch and Flemish and a woman from Estland presently staying in Belgium. The profoundly anointed teaching of James and Denise Jordan and Ian Ross brought us again closer to Father’s heart. We received many beautiful testimonies from this life changing week. This time it were last years participants who encouraged their brothers and sisters to join in (even 29 people from our church!). Here is one of the testimonies we received :

After Danny first turned to the Lord (now nearly 14 years ago) she experienced during quite some time the greatest fulness of God’s love. After a while this feeling vanished regularly, then a deep feeling of rejection emerged. That feeling was so overwhelming she often also felt rejected by God just as if God ignored her. During the school Father showed her clearly that He was not rejecting her but that she was rejecting Him. It was Danny who decided just how far she let God into her life, that was a pattern of her life. Danny’s father was a sailor. He always would be 6 weeks at sea and then 1 week at home. Always when he came home Danny felt he just turned family life upside down. She was glad to see him, he also brought presents home but after a week she was also glad he left and life could turn to “normal” again.

God showed her that was exactly the way Danny was treating Him. He was allowed to come for a while and give her things, but she did not expect a deep and lasting relationship with Him. God showed her she did not have a deep relationship with her father and that she treated Him the same way. To her this was a normal behaviour pattern, so she decided when God could come and when He should leave. Father told her that He as Father really did want a deep and lasting relationship with her, but that she needed to open the door. Danny now knows that she may expect God to be there always for her, always desiring to talk with her. She realises more than ever before that signs and wonders, laughing and other “utterances of the Spirit” are really nice and encouraging but the main thing is a deep, lasting relationship with her heavenly Daddy. A relationship in which that fulness of love only increases!

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