Fatherheartschool is touching many lives profoundly!

From 8th till 14th july 2012 we held our sixth Fatherheartschool A in Vaalbeek, Belgium. Trevor Galpin, director of Fatherheart World, led the school together with Hugo Van Leemputten. It was once more a privilege to witness how Father deeply touched and healed lives down to the very core of their being. Listen to some of the participants:

“Maybe you didn’t notice, but I left without saying goodbye. I couldn’t, I was overwhelmed with emotions and in tears. I just said goodbye to Danny. I want to thank you again for making it possible for me to participate in this week. The whole week my heart was touched deeply and I was filled with new life. It really comforted me to hear so often that with God there is no must, but you may! It set me free to look at Father with different eyes. I hope that through your message I will see God more and more as a loving Daddy. I wish you the very best for the future and may God bless you.” (name known at editorial)

“It is the second time I came to the Fatherheartschool. I can’t remember so much from the first time but this time it really impacted me! I have been able to replace many a lie in my life by truth! I felt so small at first but throughout the week I began feeling taller!” Michiel

“I am small and felt also very small and very insignificant… Father showed this week that in His eyes I’m just as great as any other person.” Rosa

“This week was very special for me because our son Bart participated. A certain moment we could bless each other with the words ‘you are family, we have the same Father!’ As I said that to Bart I wondered whether I was saying something wrong… the same Father as my son?!? That very moment Father spoke to me saying He was removing all the mistakes that I had made as a mother…that penetrated so deeply! When we were invited to write a letter to our parents asking for forgiveness for not always having had the heart of a daughter, I needed the whole afternoon …so many years had gone by… That night, just as I was going to bed, someone knocked at the door… It was Bart giving his letter to me… I read it, I was speechless…we already had a good relationship but now it really blossomed… our heavenly Father intervenes intensely and heals in a way no one else can! I was deeply touched by Nadine’s teaching on the heart of an orphan. And although I have heard Nadine’s story so often I almost know it by heart, this time every point she mentioned struck me as never before… suddenly it all became clear… I bought the cd immediately!” Mia

“I had already emptied my backpack when I gave my life to Jesus, it’s almost been a year. Then Trevor talked about a basement full of stuff, things we like to hide under a door and we block it and how Father invites us to open that door to empty out and clean up that basement. That really impressed me, I just pulled out that door and threw it away… I know there is still lots to do but I want to let Father work in me and leave everything with Him! A year ago I would have laughed at all of you, but now I can’t keep quiet about it, everyone must hear this!” Robby

“I didn’t have the feeling I should be there but I wanted to come to assist Sam with all the technical things necessary. In the middle of the week an exhilarating joy came over us, a fuel that -with the smallest spark- caused a huge explosion of joy that worked very liberating in my life… I look forward to everything the Lord will be doing in my life…” Philippe

“On Wednesday I told Hugo I really didn’t know what I was doing there… I had the feeling of being torn down completely… then a turnaround, I was built up again…. Father showed I received a complete ‘refurbishment’ but to do that you need to tear down first before you can build up again. And another special thing happened… once I finally had decided to come to the Fatherheart school, I had the impression Father told me I would stop smoking on a Sunday. I had been praying for that for quite a while. I didn’t want to do it in my own strength anymore as I knew that would be really hard and I didn’t want that any longer … then came that word. Right away I thought it would be on the first Sunday, but that wasn’t so… it was the next Sunday I stopped smoking (I used to smoke some 20 to 40 cigarettes per days) without any symptom of nicotine withdrawal… Thank You, Father!”

“I don’t feel things easily, but this week I felt deeply, deeply accepted, everyone belonged in the group, no matter whom you were with or what you looked like! I enjoyed meeting with people and the humor… I found it very hard to go receive a hug of Motherly love, I didn’t want to hurt my own mother… but I decided to do it anyway. Father showed this week that the choice to change lies with me… if you don’t make any move yourself, you just stay where you are! I learned that l may go and receive love from Him but the choice to do that lies entirely with me!” Eva

“I always found it difficult to say something in front of an audience, but now I am not nervous… my shyness is gone, I received love… I could deal with the past with a long list of things I now could forgive… I was able to let go and asked forgiveness because I had shut my daughter heart to my parents. I was still present in our family but I had put off my daughterhood. Notwithstanding their shortcomings and mistakes that wasn’t fair of me, so I wrote them a letter and asked my parents forgiveness. After that letter I felt a lot freer…and I have a bigger heart now!” Carine

“I usually have a hard time the first night of a conference. I always wonder what I’m doing there and I’d rather be home with my husband and children. Not so this time… I felt at ease right away, there was so much love… I studied psychology and I want to emphasize that a Fatherheartschool is really unique! Every psychologist knows that many, many problems of people can be traced back to a lack of paternal- and/or maternal love… they also know that psychology can’t do a thing about it except to face it, accept it and learn to live with it…. A Fatherheartschool gives real and thorough solutions… Father wants to fill our deficiencies with His love and bring us into our destination. I personally think that everyone should follow a Fatherheartschool at least once and preferably several times. I am seeing now more clearly how we all still believe lies and how we have to make choices every day to renounce those lies and choose to believe God’s truth. Father does the work but we have to choose to accept it!” Jasmijn

“During worship I often heard Inger (the praise leader in our church) say: Father, I love You, I love You with all my heart… I couldn’t say that, although I wanted to, I just couldn’t, I pushed it all aside. It was Wednesday or Thursday night when suddenly I heard myself say: Father, I love You, what an awesome feeling! And now when I start or stop my prayers I always say: Father, I love You, it does not come from my head but from the bottom of my heart!” Maria

“I did not attend the Fatherheartschool, my wife Danny (Danny was responsible for parts of the organization of the school) did attend, but Father was also with me at home! On Tuesday morning I was going to trim the hedge. I put everything in place and then I twisted my right foot. That happened several times before. Last time, now three years ago, I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks and it hurt 3 months. So as I had twisted my foot, I took a few minutes to catch my breath… and then I started trimming the hedge, by noon I had finished about 60 to 70 m. I had lunch, rested for an hour and then my right foot refused every movement! It was 1:30pm; I knew the afternoon session of the school hadn’t started yet so I called Danny. She in turn told the whole story to Ann, who called me a couple of hours later and prayed with me. In the meantime I managed to get back to the couch with my Bible and I had rebuked the devil. No improvement however, so I called Manu, our son, and asked if he could drive me to the hospital the next day for x-rays. He said he didn’t have the time as he had to drive to the Ardennes to prepare a camp… At night as I went to bed I thought of “God takes care of His own, even while they sleep” (Ps 127:2)… I know I am loved by Him, so I expected to wake up healed. The next morning, there was no change… I still couldn’t use my right foot. I called Danny again and then Hugo, who was around, prayed for me. One hour later, still sitting in the couch, I noticed I could use my foot again. I got up from the couch, the pain was gone and I went out to trim another 50m of the hedge…When Danny called, I told her I had gone to the doctor. She asked: did you bike there?. No no, I went at foot, I replied and He told me: Get up, pick up your mat and walk… at first Danny couldn’t laugh with it, until I explained the whole story… and considering my past this is a huge miracle!” Hugo

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