“I already know it all – so I thought. I had read and heard a lot about the Fatherheart of God, knowing the songs about “His Fatherheart that has been caring for me for so long” I prayed to “Father in heaven.”

I didn’t expect to learn something new at the conference about this topic. Nevertheless… I discovered during this week that the Fatherheart school is not about learning more about God’s Fatherheart, but rather to help you experience the love of the Father. It wasn’t about the concept of God as Father but about the love of My Father for me. E.g. during that week He spoke to me in the silence of my heart : “My Love casts away your fears.” And I am worth it to receive His Love! That makes it suddenly very personal, it is about His relationship with me, who He wants to be for me and who I am in His sight!”

Willem Kolpa, participant of Fatherheart school A, 2014

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