Report mission trip Norway September 8 – 12  2011

The first time we came in Norway in May 2008 for the WCDN conference where Ann had the opportunity to present my healing story from a medical point of view to a group of 300 doctors from all over the world.

About a year ago Father spoke us about  some countries where He would send us. When Inger and I were in New Zealand last February, we received an invitation from Olav en Unni Slätten, a pastors couple from Norway, one of the countries on the list. In their church in Gjovik we were to lead a healing campaign, known in our country as "Fathers healing love". Shortly after that we received another invitation from a pastor of a Lutheran church who had heard of our visit to Norway.


Wednesday, 7th of September we took the plane to Norway.

Our first stop was Raufoss, the location of the Lutheran church. Thursday morning we had the opportunity to speak with the leaders team. At noon we had lunch with them and during lunch one of the leaders brought a very sick friend. The woman had a cancer (with metastasis), was in her late thirties and had two children. We had the privilege to lead her to Jesus and pray for healing.
In the evening there was a healing service in the Lutheran church. We started at 19.00h, but kept on praying for sick people until 23.00h.... nobody wanted to leave! The Spirit of God was clearly at work.

Friday afternoon Olav picked us up and brought us to Gjövik. There we started immediately with a healing service that also went on for a long time.... Clearly Father had His eye on many people.

Saturday morning we joined the church for evangelisation on a marketplace. There were lots of stands from political parties for the upcoming elections there. At the stand of the church, we offered passers-by free coffee and freshly baked waffles. There were also lollipops in the form of hearts with a message of Fathers love on it. We had lots of nice conversations with people and with some we even prayed till late in the afternoon. At a certain moment I knew I had to talk to the mayor, so I went with an interpreter to the place where he had held speech that morning. We did find him there. That in itself was a miracle and recognizing him, after hearing him speak for only two minutes that morning. Clearly he had never met someone of the Embassy of Belgium; of course I mean God’s Embassy. We discussed the political and spiritual future of Norway. At the end of our conversation, he let me pray for him.

On Saturday evening we had another healing service, .... again many hungry people  heard about a loving Father who wants them well. During Sunday service I preached shortly on my grandpa’s little vase  (this very good message is available on cd.) People kept on coming for prayer until late in the afternoon. Also on Sunday evening and Monday evening we were able to minister the love of the Father to a lot of people.
Time and time again people told us, even the pastors who invited us, that they had never heard the gospel being preached in this way ...
Manifestly our heavenly Father had cleared the path, we could walk in the works that He prepared! Both the church leaders there and we, are convinced that their church will never be the same again. Many people were touched and healed. Many decided to step out in faith and bring healing anywhere they go.

Tired but very satisfied we landed at Zaventem on Tuesday night.

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