Testimony Lutgart

Testimony Lutgart – Fatherheart School 2019

Also this year I went to the Fatherheart School. I usually don't sense that much at the time being, but I know from experience that it has its effect anyway, albeit with a delay, but no less so.

Meanwhile I can really enjoy what I see happening to others when they have a deep encounter with the Father's love.

During the last session people can give their testimonies.

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Testimony Danny – Theater weekend

In January a whole team from our church went to the theatre weekend of Carla Veldhuis in the Netherlands. This has become an annual tradition...

Danny, who went with us from the start, tells us part of her story:

"In 2015 the three of us decided to go from Belgium to the theatre weekend of Carla Veldhuis in the Netherlands. I was a bit nervous about it and also a bit worried that we would be among the oldest attendees, even though I was very hungry for more. Arriving on Friday evening our suspicion was immediately confirmed: our grey hair stood out among that of many other young participants. I saw a somewhat older couple and immediately felt a little better. Later on, these people turned out to be no ordinary participants, they were part of the prayer team.

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The local church: Hope for the future !

Today’s society hasn’t become easier. Notwithstanding new communication techniques such as SMS, chatting, e-mail, communicating and relating to one another is becoming increasingly difficult. A great many people live terribly lonely lives.

The number of depressions is on the rise, psychiatric wards were never more crowded than today… Inner rest is something very few people still know or experience. Even the advancement of medical science cannot banish suffering and death from our lives. Each time there is a new therapy, some new disease turns up…

For many affections science has no answer.

When people lose hope, they don’t want to live any longer.

Faith starts with hope. The local church is potentially the most influential power on planet earth.  Church is given by God to be a place of salvation, liberation, healing and recovery… a place where people love one another in spite of their shortcomings and where they can become truly happy.

Our God is a God of hope… for Him, nothing is impossible


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