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"Son, I love you!"

Together with my husband Hugo and our family, we are going through the darkest valley of our
lifetime. Hugo and I fought together side by side. We all have our own stories. This is the story of a
mother whom, after years of battling and praying for her son to have a life worth living, could not
imagine ever taking leave from her son.

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How Jesus came into my life

We let Michel, 58 years old, a retired military man, tell his story:

"I want to start my testimony in 1995, when I was going through a very difficult period in my life. My marriage ended in a divorce and inside I was very, very restless and unhappy. One day I got to know a kind Dutch couple in Neeroeteren: Annie and Wiljo. We immediately got along very well with one another, and they became my very best friends.

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A few years ago, Ann was allowed to speak at a Women Aglow morning in Limburg. There Annie was one of the ladies present and she listened with fascination to Ann's story. A few months later, Annie called Ann and she asked if she could come over for a conversation. Annie had a lot of medical problems too and Ann could explain her how Jesus also wanted to be her Physician.

One of these problems was a heel spur she was already troubled by for about two years. Even after two cortisone injections she kept on having a lot of trouble and pain. When Annie had been sitting or lying down for a while, and she started walking again, she seemed to be a woman, stricken in years... she hardly managed to walk... She also got vitamin B injections by her general practitioner, but it made no difference. That day Ann and Annie prayed together for her to recover. Ann also taught Annie how she could hold her healing and how to keep on expecting if the symptoms would not have gone immediately. Very encouraged Annie went back home and she followed Ann's advice.
Gradually Annie was troubled less by the heel spur but for quite some time she still kept on feeling something when she was very tired. Some time ago Ann received an enthusiastic email from Annie, in which she reported that her heel had completely recovered now. She still had been wearing an insole for the heel spur but one day she could not find it any more. That's why she had just started to walk without the insole and that was at the time she sent the email already a few months ago... and Annie had no trouble at all any more and she was very grateful for that!


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