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Persisting stomach-ache disappears

Some time ago Maria stopped me after church. She told me how that day it dawned unto her she had not had a stomach-ache for over a year now. This was after they had been praying for her during a church meeting (the Lord had given a word that people with stomach-aches were being healed).
Not one stomach-ache in a whole year! Nothing special for people who never suffer from it, but Maria added  that before, she used to have stomach-aches almost every day for years. She even had been treated for a gastric ulcer and that she often had to get up at night to throw up.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you

Some two months ago one day François got up and felt a strong pain in his right foot. He could barely stand on it and he couldn’t bear having his shoelace tied. It was a biting, sharp pain. It reminded him of the pain he felt once when he broke a small bone in his hand. François prayed over it and at home he wore open slippers, outside he wore loose fitting shoes. The pain was on and off and bothered him a lot. François didn’t want to go the doctor for fear they would give him a plaster and he didn’t want that for his job at church. The funny thing was each time he was working in church, he felt no pain. Once home, the pain would come back. Two or three weeks ago he got so fed up with the situation, he became really angry at the devil and commanded him to release his foot. The pain left and never came back….

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In 2004, during the medical examination in the first class they discovered examining Tessa Dhaeyer, the daughter of Philippe and Ingrid, that without glasses her sight was 7/10 at the right side and 6/10 at the left.

She was referred to an ophthalmologist who found hypermetropia (farsightedness) and a slight astigmatism (a disordered depth perception).
In the beginning she thought this was rather nice because that way she got more attention at school, but after a while she sometimes was teased for it.
In the fifth class she was tested again during the medical examination at school, and her eyes were good when she had her glasses on.
Tessa was fed up with her glasses and she decided herself not to wear them any more in the sixth class. She believed that God could heal her eyes and she also prayed for it.
At the moment she is in the first year of the secondary school, and in March her eyes were examined once more. Without glasses, both her eyes got a 10/10 (we got the medical report and saw it put down in black and white) and she has a normal depth perception! Tessa was very glad with that, and she encouraged with her testimony everyone wearing glasses and tired of them...

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