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Walking in authority brings healing from hernia

Netty gives us a short report about attending our healing school:

"From September 2018 to May 2019 I attended the healing school of Gods Ambassade. What I learned there particularly is the authority we received as disciples of Jesus to lay hands on the sick in order to heal them.

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Knee healed by prayer

A few months ago I got pain in my left knee after a training session at the senior gym. I probably made a wrong move. This had happened on a Tuesday. Wednesday I was still in pain and I put my hand on my knee and prayed. Thursday I was in the car when I felt a warmth coming up in my knee. When we got home I asked my husband if my knee felt warm and he said it felt rather cool. When moving the knee it soon became clear that the pain had disappeared. All praise, honor and thanks to the Lord our God!

Jan lost his job May 2016 by mutual agreement with his boss. He could not handle his job in construction anymore due to severe back problems.

In July 2017 the hernia has gotten so worse that certain nerves in his right leg were not functioning anymore as they should. Jan was urgently operated on his back. Rehabilitation went by reasonably smooth.

In the fall of 2017 Jan and Ann attended our weekly church meeting. Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp spoke that morning on the spiritual authority of a man.

He put emphasis – among other things – on the fact that is important for a man to go to work and to take care for his family.

Jan was on that moment extremely discouraged as he had applied for jobs many times, but nothing came out of these applications. The word Jan Sjoerd shared, spoke to Jan very deeply. He longed more than ever before for a good job! At the end of the service Jan Sjoerd prayed for all the men.

The week following this meeting Jan was called by a job agency. He was invited to a job interview and it went very well. It happed to be a vacant job with company where Jan had applied before, but without the desired result.

After consultations between the job agency and the company at stake, Jan was invited to start a training pathway within the company in cooperation with the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB).

April 4, 2018 this contract expired and Jan was offered immediately a contract of indefinite duration. He has a job less than five minutes away from home and he is very pleased with his job!



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