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Walking in authority brings healing from hernia

Netty gives us a short report about attending our healing school:

"From September 2018 to May 2019 I attended the healing school of Gods Ambassade. What I learned there particularly is the authority we received as disciples of Jesus to lay hands on the sick in order to heal them.

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Knee healed by prayer

A few months ago I got pain in my left knee after a training session at the senior gym. I probably made a wrong move. This had happened on a Tuesday. Wednesday I was still in pain and I put my hand on my knee and prayed. Thursday I was in the car when I felt a warmth coming up in my knee. When we got home I asked my husband if my knee felt warm and he said it felt rather cool. When moving the knee it soon became clear that the pain had disappeared. All praise, honor and thanks to the Lord our God!

John, the disciple Jesus loves

For me and for many others, this is a stumbling block in the Bible. What to do about it?  So Jesus seemed to love one of the disciples more than the others. Some even claim that Jesus had a homosexual relationship with John. But if you really want to understand the core of this verse, you just have to think twice and read carefully what it says. What's important is that it's not Jesus who makes this statement, but John. And nowhere in the Gospels do we read that Jesus says that He prefers one to all others. 

So the saying and the conclusion come from John himself. Did he receive a special revelation? As far as I'm concerned, over the years it happened occasionally that someone said: "God is happy with you". It was a statement that I kept in mind because I was used to hearing sometimes "God loves you". But according to me there is a difference between loving someone and being happy with someone.

Recently an elderly lady came up to me after a meeting and said God told her   to tell me He is happy with me. Usually I forget such a sentence quite quickly. But this time I began to think about it. I did not have a special revelation, but I did have the Word that clearly states that God loves us and is happy with us. So I decided to just accept that word.

Maybe the same happened to John. Maybe he was so proud that Jesus loved him that he felt the need to make it known, while the other disciples weren't so concerned about telling it. Nobody knows exactly how it went. It seems clear to me that Jesus did not love John more than the others. But one thing is for sure: John knew for sure that he was the disciple Jesus loved.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention and hope you will think about it. I wish you a lot of blessing with it.

Hugo, the disciple Jesus is happy with.

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