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A blind aunt accepts Jesus and receives faith for healing


This is one of the assignments with which Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out into the cities of Israel. It is still valid for us who are His disciples today. Ela took this up and sent us some of her testimonies (for which we are grateful!):

My German aunt is 93 and has been blind for the last 5 years. Several months ago I prayed for her on the phone and she accepted Jesus in her heart.
During a reunion where the whole family was present, I asked if I could pray for her in another room. I asked my father to come along. I prayed for her in Dutch because I can’t pray fluently in German. She didn’t understand one word of the whole prayer.
Because of the blindness she is seeing very odd things: moving giraffes, rhinoceros, constantly swaying tendrils and continuously falling sand. After the prayer she said she could see the blouse I was wearing and could describe it.

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Hearing better at old age

By this time, Theo and Maria come to our church for 14 years already. At the moment Theo is 78 years young, Maria is 75.
They both have been cured already several times of a variety of ailments. So Theo was cured quite some time ago of poor eyesight, which caused him not to be able or to dare to drive a car any more in the evening... at the moment he is driving at night without problems!

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