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Uganda: The aids miracle of Africa.

We read in Artsenkrant a remarkable article of dr. Dirk Janssens from Turnhout (Belgium) that appeared first in the magazine Knack. It said as follows: “The HIV (AIDS) - prevalence figure in Uganda, which was over 20% in 1991, now differs in a significantly favourable way with its relatively low figure of 6% in 2001, compared to other “condom friendly” African countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe, with prevalence figures of more than 20% still. It seems that “the strength of the word” of the pope during his preaching in the Ugandan capital Kampala in 1992 “weighs” more than the uncountable tons of condoms which some scientists - not to dissatisfaction of the latex capitalists - propose as the only sanctifying factor in the fight against the spreading HIV."

What this doctor from Turnhout is less well informed about, however, is the miraculous evolution in Uganda by the prayer of the reborn Christians. Uganda suffered many years under merciless terror of Idi Amin and an Aids-epidemic. The church was continuously persecuted and its leaders were assassinated. Among this misery Christians prayed (in secret!) day and night to God. The consequence was an explosive church revival and a strong decline of the number of Aids patients (by much less new infections but also by the many miraculous healings of AIDS!!! ).

The current president is also a reborn Christian who officially dedicated his country to Jesus. A large part of his government now consists of reborn Christians. You can watch this splendid testimony of this change on the video “Transformations 2”. The prayer of a righteous person has great effectiveness (James 5:16 b) Who does pray for our country and our government?

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