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Ingrid Betancourt considers her release as a miracle.

The French-Columbian Ingrid Betancourt views her release as a ‘’miracle’’.  In June she prayed to Jesus, and her prayer was answered. So she declared in an interview with the French magazine ‘’Le Pélerin’’.

‘’On 1st June I was listening to Radio Catholica Mundial and heard that the month of June is dedicated to the Holy Hart of Jesus. I prayed : Jesus, I have never asked anything because you are so great and I was ashamed to asked for something. But now I am going to ask something very concrete. I don’t know what exactly it means to dedicate oneself to the Holy Hart of Jesus but if you let me know this month when I will be released, I will completely belong to you.  On 27th June one of the rebel leaders entered our camp, he said : ‘Get ready, one of you will possibly be released.’ My liberation happened in a totally different way, but it is a fact that Jesus kept his word. To me this is a miracle!’’ said Betancourt adding that she discovered the Bible during her captivity in the jungle.   Source:
Theo Borgermans Tuesday 8th July 2008.

From the redaction: for who doesn’t know who Ingrid Betancourt exactly is : Ingrid Betancourt (born in Bogotά, 25th December 1961 was member of the Columbian Senat, fighting tirelessly against corruption and for democracy.  In the running for presidential elections of 2002 she decided start up talks with the Columbian guerrilla FARC. One week after she had a discussion with representatives of the FARC and had made an appeal to stop the abductions she herself was abducted 23rd February 2002! All the time she was held captive at an unknown location.  She was in captivity for over six years!!!

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