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Evangelize by means of chocolate spread !

Niel and Chiel-Jan provided us a fine newspaper article. Who buys chocolate spread of the brand ‘Bruno Fischer’ at the biological shop, can start his day with a bible text, thus the internet site of ‘The Dutch Daily’ communicates and you could also read in ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’. The manufacturer prints psalm 11 verse 7 on each pot of pasta. Underneath that stands a German phone number. Who rings, hears a tape with the next message in German: “This is Bruno Fischer Natural Foods. Do you want to know why we print bible texts on our labels? It is indeed uncommon to find bible texts on products. We are Christians and want strongly to draw the attention on God’s word because we experienced our Savior personally in our life.” Who gives his name and address, receives free information. According to us a particularly original way of evangelizing...


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