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Good news in the school newspaper.

Sam Van Leemputten had been selected for the final of the Belgian championship school cross-country. He finished on the seventeenth place (of the 59 runners, Sam beingthe youngest! ).  By this good result for the school Sam appeared in the school newspaper (650 copies! ). It is published once a month and Sam was interviewed for that occasion. In the article of the school newspaper we read, besides the presentation of Sam and his favourite  sports and interests, the next part: “Beside sports Sam attends regularly to his church group where there is a type of youth movement. When we asked if Sam’s parents are strongly religious, we got a real miracle story. Sam told us that, when he was seven months old, the doctors diagnosed his father to suffer an incurable cancer. He decided to drop his chemotherapy and to search in his belief for his recovery. Successfully moreover. The cancer disappeared. Doctors, specialists and laymen were astonished. People with chronic diseases came to Sam’s father for advise. Thus a sort of a discussion group started to help people in the same situation. Although the doctors told Sam’s father to have a prognosis of at the most three years (this is a mistake: he only was told ‘a few months’!), he is still alive… fifteen years later! A remarkable story for an inconspicuous guy at first sight!”

And so the whole school and everyone who read the school newspaper knew about the healing story of Hugo! Spoken of good news…

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