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The gospel in Africa .


Do you sometimes wonder how the spreading of the gospel works in other countries? In Revival report (Opwekkingsverslag) of February of the German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke we read following astonishing data. By the end of January and beginning February Reinhard kept with its team five days of reunions in Port Harcourt, a city in Nigeria. During those five days more than 2,300,000 people came to listen to the gospel. 1,416,684 of them filled out a card in which they testified that they recognised for the first time in their life Jesus as their personal Saviour. Everyone of them was referred to a church in their surroundings. The second evening started ominous with enormous dark clouds that packed together above the open air reunion. Nevertheless thousands of people came. The reunion started in pouring rain (for those who know the African rains: incomparable to pouring rain in Belgium!). When the time had arrived for Reinhard Bonnke to preach, he couldn’t possibly start because of the constant violently pouring rains. What he saw, however, was near to incredible. More than 300,000 people stood soaking wet in pouring rain praising God and dancing. They continued to do so for more than one hour, until the rain eventually stopped. Then the office simply really started and ten thousands of them took Jesus in their heart. During those five evenings also thousands of spectacular healings happened. A woman came to testify how she had brought, five years ago, during a previous office of Reinhard Bonnke, her dead baby. While she stood there amongst the crowd, her baby came back to life. Her son of five stood now alive beside her on the podium.

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