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Here below you find a part of an article from the "Tijdschrift Klinische Psychologie" of December 2003, written by Patrick Luyten, working at the Catholic University of Leuven. The journal in question is a topic number around religion and spirituality.

“Especially the last years one is submerged in this context by a multiplicity of literature - mainly of American signature - in which a far-reaching integration is argued between religion and psychotherapy. One not only devotes oneself to explicit working with religious/philosophical topics, but also to the use of religious symbols and rituals in psychotherapy (for example: prayer, meditation, forgiveness, bible exegesis,…). Moreover it does not concern an isolated number of therapists. On the contrary, it concerns publications in well-known journals and in handbooks published by the American Psychological Association. The enormous quantity of empirical research during the past twenty years into the relation between religiosity/spirituality and (mental) health has strongly contributed to that purpose. According to some authors the general tenor of these studies is clear: in contrast to what was always claimed, religiosity/spirituality has a positive impact on mental and also physical health. In the same direction empirical research shows that attention to religious/philosophical aspects in psychotherapy (and in certain patient groups the use of explicit religious techniques) has a positive influence on the effectiveness of psychotherapy.”

Note of the redaction: As Christians we have frequently the feeling that there is hardly moving something in this world. When in local and international professional journals the importance between religion and mental and physical convalescence is emphasised, you see nevertheless that a new era really comes…


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