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Advertising campaign about Jesus

From Wednessday 19 November on, sixty posters, each 20 square meters big, signed by Jesus from Nazareth, will colour the streets of Brussels and Flanders. This advertising campaign takes place on the initiative of the St-Paul foundation, thus bringing the message of the gospel in a new way to our notice.
Christophe Herinckx, director of the St-Paul foundation: "We are a foundation of faithful laymen out of the archdiocese Mechlin-Brussels, who makes the gospel known to the population in a new way and by way of modern means of communication. We are trying to reach a large public, particularly those who are searching for the meaning of things."
The St-Paul foundation was already responsible for a poster campaign in 2004 and in 2007, but this one was limited to the French speaking part of the country. The new campaign is exhorting people to reflect on values and the essence in their lives. That they are launching it in the period before St Nicholas and Christmas, in which the consumer so often is called to consume, is a coincidence. "At the other hand we deliberately did choose not to launch the campaign during the Christmas season, because then the attention is too much distracted. It was a long time ago we decided to have this campaign. Because of the financial crisis we were wondering if it would not be better to postpone the launching. At the other hand it is very important right in this period, in which the boundaries of the material things are so distinct, to focus the attention on the person of Jesus. Admittedly, people do still know the Christian values, but with our slogan "Whoever believes in Me will never thirst again" we want to focus right on the central message of our faith. It is the person of Christ Himself, the Son of God who became a man, who really can change our lives and is giving another orientation to our relationships." Read on
A lovely undertaking... and a good occasion to get to talk with people...


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