Netty gives us a short report about attending our healing school:

"From September 2018 to May 2019 I attended the healing school of Gods Ambassade. What I learned there particularly is the authority we received as disciples of Jesus to lay hands on the sick in order to heal them.

A few months ago I got pain in my left knee after a training session at the senior gym. I probably made a wrong move. This had happened on a Tuesday. Wednesday I was still in pain and I put my hand on my knee and prayed. Thursday I was in the car when I felt a warmth coming up in my knee. When we got home I asked my husband if my knee felt warm and he said it felt rather cool. When moving the knee it soon became clear that the pain had disappeared. All praise, honor and thanks to the Lord our God!

We’ll let Lutgart speak:

For years I suffered from several kinds of headaches:
migraine, neck pain that resulted in severe headaches and chronic sinusitis.

The first migraine attack started about 35 years ago right after the birth of my daughter. From that moment on these attacks were frequent: usually once a week. Such an attack lasted for 3 days and then sometimes started again the next day.

After our last healing service we received the following testimonies from Mary: 

"I had been suffering from a painful finger for two or three weeks. Because of the pain it was difficult to hold a pot, a pan or even a glass. So it was a painful experience for me. When we were about to leave to the healing service, I spoke to the Lord about this problem. I said, "Lord, you can touch me wherever I am..." During the healing service I suddenly felt that I could move my finger without pain. I wasn’t prayed for that evening, it just happened while I was sitting in my chair! To this day, my finger still works perfectly.  

Where to start when writing down a testimony of a healing of the heart and the inner man?
A healing that transformed heartbreaking pain into a new life.

In 2009 I discovered that my husband was having an affair with another women. The confrontation with this fact was for him the starting point to move to her place, for my it was the beginning of a relationship with God. Although a neighbor told me that night – after I called her with the message “HELP! I am ready to do something stupid” – that Jesus also died for this case and that I could go with her to church the next morning, I told her I did not need it. She stayed most of that night with me, but she did not insist.

The next morning I called her with the following message: “Rush to my place, but do not wait fifteen more minutes, or I will not go with you anymore.”

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