“Since the first time I went to the Father heart school in 2005, I have experienced that gradually a firm foundation was being laid in my once empty soul. In this way Father's love could and can be poured out deeper and deeper.

Mark told us that the more our hearts are being filled with Father's love, the more the traumas surface to finally disappear. I used to be very shy and ashamed and always felt guilty, sad and inferior. I was so ashamed that in a group I hardly dared say my name. Since then I have received a lot of healing. Now I know I am the daughter of my Heavenly Father.

And this is the testimony of Pun after the Fatherheartschool A in October 2017:

“I learned about the Fatherheartschools five years ago trough a Belgian friend in my church. At that moment I was not very motivated to attend the school. Last year I was depressed and my Belgian friend reminded me once again of the school. So I went to the school in complete desperation…

The one thing that touched me most in the school, were the teachings on forgiveness on the third day. I was abused by my mother, physically, verbally and sexually, for almost twenty years. Over and over again I wanted to end my life.

We received this very straightforward testimony from someone who attended our latest Fatherheart School.  She asked to remain anonymous, a request we gladly honor.

“For years I wrestled with life, it was like a struggle I had to survive somehow.  I felt left at the mercy of negative thoughts, depression, pain and loneliness. Whenever things were going a little better, I was already foreseeing things would get worse again.  I felt trapped in this circle. I thought I did all I could to get out of it but in reality it got worse until I was completely stuck.

God made no sense to me: if He really wanted the best for me, like I saw Him at work in the lives of the people around me…

Jeanine from the Netherlands sent us the following testimony after our Fatherheartschool in October 2017:

“About half a year ago, the Holy Spirit showed me an image: I was playing as a young girl at a playground. When I stopped playing, I noticed a man sitting on a bank. I looked a little bit closer and I realized that it was Father. I sat down next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and I cuddled up to him and gave him my pebbles. They were precious to him.

“I already know it all – so I thought. I had read and heard a lot about the Fatherheart of God, knowing the songs about “His Fatherheart that has been caring for me for so long” I prayed to “Father in heaven.”

I didn’t expect to learn something new at the conference about this topic. Nevertheless… I discovered during this week that the Fatherheart school is not about learning more about God’s Fatherheart, but rather to help you experience the love of the Father. It wasn’t about the concept of God as Father but about the love of My Father for me. E.g. during that week He spoke to me in the silence of my heart : “My Love casts away your fears.” And I am worth it to receive His Love! That makes it suddenly very personal, it is about His relationship with me, who He wants to be for me and who I am in His sight!”

Willem Kolpa, participant of Fatherheart school A, 2014

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