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Thursday 22 January, the day before she turned 14, Sarah was biking home after school, at a certain point she had to cross the street. A small van was about to take a right turn and enter into the street, it had noticed her. They both stopped indicating the other to continue…. until they proceeded both at the same time… Sarah got hit but apart from a hurting knee, she had no injuries…. She is very thankful to her heavenly Father!!!

All sorts of thoughts rush through my head: ‘phew, she cries’, ‘an angel must have caught her’, ‘she doesn’t have more pain when I touch her’, ‘I see no external injury’…

My life wasn’t always a rose garden but looking back now I know God was always there and He often protected my life!

Jasmijn relates:
"It is Monday morning. The schedule for the forenoon looks as follows: after breakfast to the market and after that still to the store too.
While I prepare myself, I pray to God. I ask Him to open my eyes for His goodness and for the small 'miracles' He is doing for us day after day.
09:30h. Finally we are standing at the front door, ready to leave. Given my tight schedule, I put up some speed. I am already on my way from the front door to the car, when suddenly Bram says he still wants to take a toy with him. I open the front door to about one full meter, and I go already on to the car. When I am fixing Jonas in the car, Bram comes running to me already and he comes and sits in the car too. I fasten him and we leave. First to market, then to the store. About a full one and a half hour later, we arrive back home. I loosen the boys and I walk to the front door... and it is still almost completely open!!! It takes a while before I realise that I had forgotten to close it.
Immediately I went to look around inside, but everything was just as we had left it. Nothing was missing, not even any keys! I am sure, our house has been protected by God Himself that morning! "

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