Here you can find all kinds of testimonies, going from healing to protection, prosperity and so much more. Amazing things that our God has done in the lives of people. People like you and me. We would like to encourage you to take time and effort to read this testimonies.
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Jasmijn relates:
"It is Monday morning. The schedule for the forenoon looks as follows: after breakfast to the market and after that still to the store too.
While I prepare myself, I pray to God. I ask Him to open my eyes for His goodness and for the small 'miracles' He is doing for us day after day.
09:30h. Finally we are standing at the front door, ready to leave. Given my tight schedule, I put up some speed. I am already on my way from the front door to the car, when suddenly Bram says he still wants to take a toy with him. I open the front door to about one full meter, and I go already on to the car. When I am fixing Jonas in the car, Bram comes running to me already and he comes and sits in the car too. I fasten him and we leave. First to market, then to the store. About a full one and a half hour later, we arrive back home. I loosen the boys and I walk to the front door... and it is still almost completely open!!! It takes a while before I realise that I had forgotten to close it.
Immediately I went to look around inside, but everything was just as we had left it. Nothing was missing, not even any keys! I am sure, our house has been protected by God Himself that morning! "

On a Sunday after church, Ilse, 39 weeks into her pregnancy, told us she had been feeling so much better at the same moment during her two previous pregnancies which had been very special and God-blessed.

Both times there were clear signs in advance that her body was preparing for childbirth: the softening of the neck of the womb and already a bit of dilatation.

A spectacular beginning is very much protected ...

On the 2nd of January, in the evening, Carine took Patrick by car to the bus... for Patrick had to work on the nightshift. Just when he got out, the bus passed them... Carine drove quickly after the bus, with flashing lights and sounding the motor horn... the bus stopped and Patrick went across the road. He still said: "careful when you drive back..." Carine drove into the drive in front of a house in order to turn back. When she was driving for a while on that road, she suddenly saw a dead red cat lying on the road. She swerved to the right and turned rather quickly again to the left. All of a sudden the car started to drive her, instead of she driving the car... Carine kept her eyes meticulously on her traffic lane and tried to adjust her driving... there was an oncoming car which she was in imminent danger of making a beeline for... it passed her... Carine cried to God for help and she came to a standstill on the other traffic lane, just behind this car that had been oncoming... Thanking God for His protection, she came home wide awake... her year had started in a really spectacular way...!

On a Friday afternoon Lana, who had just become three, was at the house of her grandma and grandpa, Danny and Hugo. Danny had just gone upstairs to do something still to do on the computer. Lana had followed Danny. Danny turned the computer off and promised her granddaughter they would go downstairs and do puzzles together. Lana was very enthusiastic about this. She was standing on top of the stairs and Danny was following her.

Divine protection despite fall

On Wednesday October 8 Maria went for a walk along the river Nete, as she often does. That morning she was alone. Theo, her husband, had gone to a funeral. Before leaving, he still exhorted her to be careful. She promised so. During the walk, Maria suddenly lost her foothold and she fell down on her back and her head.

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