Here you can find all kinds of testimonies, going from healing to protection, prosperity and so much more. Amazing things that our God has done in the lives of people. People like you and me. We would like to encourage you to take time and effort to read this testimonies.
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Philippe and Ingrid always have been hard workers. From 1994 till 2001 Philippe was an independent subcontractor for the installation of playground equipment. He worked for seven consecutive years without taking a holiday.

Lutgart tells her story herself:
"Although I had been a Christian for a long time, I felt tired of life. I was not depressed, but because of many disappointments I had become someone who underwent everything in a passive way. "I will manage to bide my time here," I thought, "I have no other desires in life any more".

We let Mirjam herself tell what happened:
"Michiel and I deliberately chose to educate our daughter who we received from God ourselves, so after she was born I did not go to work any longer. After 13 months at home with my daughter, I needed to do something for myself, and we decided that I would go to work 2 days a week. I intended to go back to my former job as a teacher in protestant evangelical religion.

Dear people,
How I still enjoy in retrospect the week on the boat. The booklet of blessings is being used, and the scripture texts too. In the Netherlands, when people lose a beloved one, they often set up a big photograph, so that, when you enter, you immediately know: that one is not here anymore. I myself did it differently. My husband is just pending among all the living ones! For I will see him back at the Father's.

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