Here you can find all kinds of testimonies, going from healing to protection, prosperity and so much more. Amazing things that our God has done in the lives of people. People like you and me. We would like to encourage you to take time and effort to read this testimonies.
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At New Year 2013 we received a very special card from Ria.
Here’s how it started: “I would like to thank the Lord for the new live I received. To me psalm 103:5 (“so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s”) is reality. I go bicycling, swimming, walk miles with the dog, work in the garden…. My bamboo forest is gradually becoming a real garden.”

In October 2012 Ria was already two years off all medication and that changed the world for her…

Some two months ago one day François got up and felt a strong pain in his right foot. He could barely stand on it and he couldn’t bear having his shoelace tied. It was a biting, sharp pain. It reminded him of the pain he felt once when he broke a small bone in his hand. François prayed over it and at home he wore open slippers, outside he wore loose fitting shoes. The pain was on and off and bothered him a lot. François didn’t want to go the doctor for fear they would give him a plaster and he didn’t want that for his job at church. The funny thing was each time he was working in church, he felt no pain. Once home, the pain would come back. Two or three weeks ago he got so fed up with the situation, he became really angry at the devil and commanded him to release his foot. The pain left and never came back….

Ann and Nadine barely escaped a very big truck with a trailer the same size. One Friday evening they took the shortcut to Hugo en Inger’s place. It is a single lane road on which you are allowed to drive two-ways. It has steep road bankings. Ann and Nadine had just left when they faced with this big truck that came thunderous their way. The driver stepped on his pedal and began to slip.

During the Christmas holidays Monia could join Kobe, a friend of hers and his family to Munich. On new Year's Eve they all together left for a walk in the mountains. It was around 16:00 and it would be getting dark soon. Kobe's father showed a mountain hut on the other side of a mountain and said that Kobe and Monia might walk over there, while the others would driving to the cabin by car. So Kobe and Monia went off ... but what they did not know was that they had both looked at the wrong house, that was on the top of the mountain in front of them.

Last June Harry and Suzanne went to Hungary with Eugène and Josée. They have had a nice holiday and would drive back home two days later, when Suzanne said that she had not been experiencing something special with God this years. Josée answered that they had been driving everywhere without any problem, and always had parking space and asked if this was not enough? Still Suzanne wanted to experience God once again really close...

On the way back home they stayed one day in Passau, at the Austrian-German border. That evening they were enjoying a delicious ice cream on a terrace. Suddenly they saw very dark clouds coming their way; they rushed to the car to drive to the hotel. Meanwhile the sky became pitch black.

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